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Once told that it was his destiny to wander through life, Jerome Lim takes a wide eyed view of life’s wanderings through the eyes of the child that he was and blogs about the many things that has captured his imagination through life’s journey. Visit his blog, The Long and Winding Road


Our editors scour the web for fresh thinking and good writing about what’s going on in Asia. When we find interesting or entertaining perspectives on issues both big and small, we ask these bloggers and writers to contribute their posts or to collaborate with us in one or another way.


Afghanistan: Afghan Lord, Funded Adventure Overseas, KhaamaThoughts from Afghanistan


Bangladesh: Back to Bangladesh, Bangladesh Watchdoge-Bangladesh


Bhutan: Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon, Dragon Tales


Cambodia: Blue Lady BlogNathalie AbejeroA Photo Diary, RonzWorldSocheata Vong, Sovachana Pou


China: 6blog.sina.com.cn/twocold, blog.sina.com/yizhenjianxue, China Digital Timeschina/divideChina HushEastSouthWestNorth, Fool's Mountain: Blog for China, Jenny Zhu, Jottings from the Granite Studio, Lang XianpingLoveLoveChina, The HypermodernInside-Out China, Ministry of Tofu, Pagoda Red Book, Rachel HuangSee China, sinazen, Steven N.S. CheungXinjiang: Far West China残废十四年林少华


Hong Kong: iCubed


India: AmreekanDesiAsthitva: An IdentityAtanu Dey on India's Development, The Compulsive Confessor, The Delhi WallaDesi Ghee and Coffee!, Debu Bharve Art Blog, Green Light Dhaba, I.M.A.O. (Tejaswee Rao's Blog)Just Another Indian in Korea, Life's PurpleThe Life and Times of an Indian HomemakerLive the Dream, MirrorCrackedMy World - My PerceptionneoIndian, Purba Ray's BlogRandom Thoughts of a Demented Mind, projectwhy, Ultra Violet, Ye Hai Life


Indonesia: Inside Indonesia, Life is Beautiful, Multibrand, Pagun View


Japan: Japan Element SymbolsJapan Explained, Tokyo Green Space, Otaku HimePink TentacleQuirky Japan Blog, tofugu


Laos: Seeharhed's Rants


Malaysia: Di Bawah Rang Ikang KeringKecek-Kecek, Malaysianisms, PakmatAs Suanie Sees It,  The Hungry CaterpillarThe Sky is Crazy


Mongolia: Asian Gypsy


Myanmar (Burma): The Irrawaddy


Nepal: Deepak's Diary, Deepak AdhikariNaked Nepal, RepublicaRupak's Bangkok PagesVital Voices, Wagle Street Journal, V.E.N.T! Magazine


Pakistan: All Things Pakistan, CHUP! - Changing Up Pakistan Deadpan Thoughts, Diverse Similarities, Home of the Snapping Turtle,  How Many Roads Must a Man Walk Down, I am Yawar, Let us Build PakistanMohammed AbbasiMosharraf Zaidi, Nonskeptical EssaysTanzeelism


Philippines: Anti-Pinoy, El Lobo FilipinoGibbs Cadiz, House on a Hill, The Marocharim Experiment, NewsstandOde2OldPhilippine CommentarythePinoy, Pinoy Penmanplanetphilippinesrestyo, The CuspThe McVie Show, The Pro-Pinoy ProjectVirtual Journals


Singapore: 1goodmealChewing the Cud, Funny Little WorldThe Long and Winding Road, Girl with a Big Mouth, Happiness.sgMother, INCRavi Philemon, Just Your Ordinary Singaporean, Siew Kum Hong, Sgmacro, Taking Up the Challenge, Wanderfolly, Yawning Bread


Sri Lanka: A Voice in Colombo, Bailaman, indi.ca


Thailand: Absolutely Bangkok, Personal Thailand, Philip GolingaiQuoteThai, The Thai Report, Thailand's Troubles


Pan-Asia: Absolutely Fobulous, Asia CatalystBikya Masr, Beautiful, Memorable Food, EIA Investigator BlogA Hmong WomanAsia Foundation, Spicebox Travels, Global Voices, Gourmet PigsIRIN, Kevin EatsMetrodad: Poppycock from a Cocky PopNew Mandala, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Snarky Tofu, White on Rice Couple




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