Malaysia's National Burger

Oct 14, 2010

A food lover in Petaling Jaya shares the location of her favourite Ramly Burger stall. Where’s yours?

If you ask a Malaysian where you can get a good Ramly burger, chances are that you’d be met with bubbling enthusiasm as you experience the following in sequence:

1. Your friend speaks a little too fast as he tries to gather his memories as to where the best (in his opinion) Ramly burger is.

2. Your friend tries to give you directions to this most awesome Ramly burger stall because it will always be located at the most obscure places (to you).

3. Your friend attempts to describe how the most awesome Ramly burger (in his opinion) tastes: words used are often juicy, messy and awesome sauce.

4. You have no idea what your friend is talking about nor could you understand his directions.



190 A typical Ramly burger stall: A cook, an assistant and customers waiting for their burgers


You see, Ramly burgers hold a special place in our hearts. It is uniquely Malaysian.

You see, Ramly burgers hold a special place in our hearts. It is uniquely Malaysian and we are deeply passionate about our Ramly burgers. There will be one Ramly burger stall that hits you the most and that will become your sole favourite. When you’ve found your absolute favourite Ramly burger stall, it would be very difficult for you to switch allegiance, unless you’re starving of course.

I live in the Petaling Jaya area, just outside of Kuala Lumpur, and my personal favourite Ramly stall is the one at SS2 square, opposite the police station. My friends and I have been eating Ramly burgers at Wan’s for years. I can’t personally explain to you how awesome it is, it just is.


191 Creating the masterpiece – the Ramly Burger Special


Recently my friend Gordon introduced the Ramly burger stall at TTDI to me. Of course nothing is comparable to my SS2 favourite, but this one turned out to be pretty good. It’s in front of the corner 7-11 along Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi in TTDI, a street away from TDH, Boathouse and Sid’s. (Isn’t it amusing how Ramly burger stalls and 7-11 shops are almost synonymous?)


192 Le pièce de résistance: Ramly Burger Special with Cheese


I used to buy Ramly burgers at RM1.80 a piece. Now they cost something like RM2.50 and above. If you want the special, which is chicken or beef patty wrapped in an egg, it costs RM3.40. Add a slice of cheese to the deal and you fork out RM4.40. That’s RM1.40 away from what our government says you can spend in a whole day for 365 days and not be considered poor.

Therefore by my brilliant Math calculations, Ramly burgers are a luxury item. There is no way you can eat Ramly burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner without busting your budget. Just saying…


193 The best way to eat a Ramly burger at night after hitting the clubs


This post was originally published on As Suanie Sees It in July 2010.


Photos by Suanie