Country: COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDScocos (keeling) islands

Capital: West Island Geographic Coordinates: 12 30 S, 96 50 E

Population: 596 (July 2009 est.)  

Main Religion: Islam

Language: Malay (Cocos dialect), English

Head of State: Queen ELIZABETH II represented by the Australian governor general Neil Lucas

Main Industries: copra products, tourism

GDP in US Dollars (per capita): NA

Currency Code: Australian dollar (AUD)

Life Expectancy: NA

Environment - current issues: No data

Issues facing Women and Children: No data

Land Mine Ban Signatory: NA

Local Media: TV broadcasts received via satellite from mainland Australia -- (ABC, SBS, GWN and WIN) 

Interesting Fact: Defense is the responsibility of Australia; the territory has a five-person police force.

Famous for: Cocos Buff-banded rail, Pulu Keeling National Park   


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