More Than the Money: China’s Short Films Take on the Existential

May 19, 2011
*Special to asia!

If the popular success of China’s made-for-the-web short films is anything to go by, the Chinese post-80s generation may be doing serious soul-searching in a time of unprecedented economic growth.




Last year’s “Old Boy” and its theme of chasing dreams ignited public debate; this year, Chinese short film“Winner”- also known as “The Ultimate Winner” (and not to be confused with a different movie) - has made ripples in China’s short film genre, garnering several million views since its upload in April. Like “Old Boy”, “Winner” takes on existentialist questions, in this case exploring a wealthy man’s mid-life crisis. Both films were made by the actor-directors duo, Chopsticks Brothers.






Images from: ChinaSMACK

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