Beguiling Chapagaun

Oct 07, 2011

It's dry in Kathmandu, but in Chapagaun, the water flows.

1143 Crops flourish along the roads of Chapagaun. Photo: Geeta SunamChapagaun is one of the beautiful places in Satdobato, a village district in Kathmandu Valley's Lalitpur district. Although it is a part of Kathmandu Valley's urban metropolis, Chapagaun is very much still a quaint village.

Most of its inhabitants are Newars, the original people of the valley, who follow Hinduism as well as Buddhism.

In Chapagaun, there is a famous temple known as Bajrabarahi, where devotees go to worship their Goddess as it is believed that whatever they wish for will come true.

In Chapagaun, both Hindu's and Buddhists spend time in the monasteries. The quality of education in the village has improved over the years, and most of the villagers are educated but they have either chosen to, or have resigned themselves to the farming trade that most of them were born into. Other residents in Chapagaun stick to the jobs "assigned" by their caste, such as sculpture, mud work, etc.

1144 Chillies hang along the rope from a window in Chapagaun. Photo: Geeta SunamIn Chapagaun, there is one primary health service healthpost. People come to the healthpost to check up their health, so the people of Chapagaun have an opportunity to learn about and be aware of their health conditions. It is also relatively easy to access these facilities, buses ply through the area every five minutes or so. From Satdobato it takes 30 minutes to reach to Chapagaun and as the passengers journey towards the village, they get to appreciate views of Bajrabarahi. In Chapagaun, there are no paved roads so when it rains it is very difficult for vehicles and people to walk on the road.

Geeta Sunam was one of 34 students who attended the photography workshop by, held in Kathmandu between February and March 2011. Geeta Sunam was awarded a scholarship by the Little Sisters Fund Underprivileged Girls Education Support Program.