In Abundance


Dispensed in measure flow

I kept a watchful heart for those I cared

 A limit on what I ha

My children would my love divide


How plenty was their gift

Each brought more than I have known

That I could give with no accounting

For love was not divided


Each embrace is all for caring

Every smile a joy so dear

Every call a word so warm

That in love is now abundance


Alex, Hugh, Georgina

Yet unlearned in ways of life

Are wisdom teachers of a love

To give and ask for nothing more


(To my children, November 1, 2005)

Freddy, as his Singaporean friends know him resides in London where he manages a hedge fund firm that he co-founded. He practices tai-chi, aspiring to be an instructor, composes music with his son and dabbles in painting.

This poem was first published in asia!s February 2006 print issue.