China's soaring meat consumption spells trouble.
In images: Japan recruited its own comfort women for U.S. military use after World War II.
A guide to Korean-style drinking for the uninitiated. Gun bae!
Ask a Korean
Singing about their country’s drawbacks creates cheerful solidarity amongst volunteer choristers.
It’s nice to know poultry have a sense of humour, even hours before death.
Sue Anne Tay
Life on Earth might end in 200 years, but it won’t be because of the Apocalypse, says China’s most high-profile “popular science” writer Fang Zhouzi.
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Qigong, drinking urine, eating ants… Some Chinese would resort to just about anything for good health.
Sex is an intimate way of expressing love between Mummy and Daddy, Hong Kong tells its 3- to 6-year-olds.
JING GAO (Translation)
The true story of a small fishing village that produced one of the country’s top football teams – without having an inch of land for a pitch.
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The Malaysian man’s missing house and other amusing tales from around Asia
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The tummy-troubled Nuclear Boy, created to explain Japan's nuclear accident to kids, becomes a YouTube hit.
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A car crash paralyzed his left arm, so Somsak Hemran learnt to play guitar with just one hand.
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A Filipino-Canadian singer schools us on the unique and wonderful "Pilipino", er, "Filipino" accent.
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On Chinese New Year, Tencent QQ (China’s most popular instant-messaging software provider, with over 600 million users) released this advertisement. It soon found its way onto Youku (the Chinese Youtube), and to date has almost 600,000 views.
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The pop idol tweeted, "Can't stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future." But just who is she talking about?
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