The Asian Rural Institute (ARI) is a training centre for rural community leaders.
Mobile Active is a phone-based broadcasting system used in healthcare, microfinance, counseling and training for urban sex workers in Bangalore India.
A's initiative to combat child sex tourism in Southeast Asia
The Association of War Affected Women (AWAW) works towards peace and a solution to the violent conflicts of the war.
The Korea Welfare Foundation (KWF) aims to assist the less privileged.
Hands On Shanghai coordinates volunteer activities to support their local community organizations.
BRAC empowers people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease and social injustice.
The GreenHeart Foundation aims to preserve the culture of Laos through the promotion of local textile arts and community education at all levels.
The Development and Education Programme For Daughters And Communities In Thailand (DEPDC) provides education as a preventative measure against sex trading.
Population and Community Development Association (PDA) adopts unconventional and hugely successful ways to promote safe sex and awareness about HIV and AIDS.
The local organisation was established to protect the right of victims of Agent Orange and dioxin used by the US forces on the civilian population during the Vietnam war.
Project Humane Transport fights against this dangerous form of human transport by promoting safer travel.