Located in a spacious sun-soaked wing of the lobby of the JW Marriott Hong Kong, the Lounge dabbles largely in international cuisine - both Western and Asian dishes are available during breakfast, lunch an afternoon tea, but it's the scrumptious tapas dinner buffet that has sent gourmet hounds into a tizzy. 

Not only will the all-you-can-eat buffet  do well to satiate the foodie in you, the seasoned chefs at the Lounge ensure their recipes are as close to the real thing as one could possibly get - think authentic, tongue-singeing Indian curries, fragrant Hainanese chicken pieces, tangy miso, and fluffy, liqueur-tinged tiramisu. From cold cuts to desserts, the buffet selections are so heavily extensive that even the most cosmopolitan palates will be spoilt for choice.

Do leave additional room, however, for the Lounge's cocktail menu - glasses are usually brought to the table nestled in a large tray of ice, and guests are invited to mix their own cocktails and taste-test them to their liking using the given units of alcohol, complimentary mixers and various garnishing such as mint or fresh fruit. Enjoy your second round to soothing jazz strains and a brilliant panoramic view of Hong Kong's business district by night.

Address: JW Marriott, 88 Queensway, Pacific Place, Hong Kong

Tel: +853 2841 3836