A Guide to Thai Coyotes in Singapore

Dec 20, 2010
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Our story last week was so well read we suspect some readers may be tempted to check out the scene. So here’s a quick guide for Coyote hunters and observers to the different types of Coyotes – the good, the great, and the ugly.

It’s 3.30am and you’re sitting at the corner of a Thai club observing the mayhem. Large doses of alcohol have made their way into the veins of both Coyote and patron alike. Things are starting to get really wild. Thai Coyotes, dressed in tight tube tops and (what can barely be called) short skirts, are gyrating sultrily on the bar-tops and counters fitted with gleaming steel poles.


242 Provocative dancing to the pleasure of gawking gentlemen


You watch one of the dancers place her heel on the shoulder of a gawking patron and provocatively rock her hips. His wide eyes glued on her, he clumsily reaches into his shirt pocket for notes to slide up her panties. She reciprocates with an inviting look and a quick, suggestive stroke across his cheek.

This is a common sight at a Thai disco. It is easy to dismiss these girls as uneducated and slutty. After all, only a desperate girl would subject herself to such indecency right?

Not really. In fact, you’d be surprised to find that many Coyote dancers hold university degrees. And when they are not busy being seductive at sordid Thai clubs, they are likely to be home working on plans to set up small businesses back in Thailand.


243 The many faces of Thai Coyotes (Images sourced from Thai Intelligent News)


It would be a mistake to see these girls as poor simpletons who are selling their dignity for easy money. The truth is that many of them are competent young ladies who become Coyotes as a means to an end; a temporary job towards the fulfilment of legitimate aspirations. The men who fall in love with these ladies know that they’re not chasing after bimbo erotic dancers.

There is much more to these girls under the base façade. Many have interesting personalities and stories, but not all are entirely nice and some of them do bite.

Here are three girls who are broadly typical of certain types of Coyotes to look out for when venturing into this underground world.


The Good Coyote

Natty, 23, from Korat, has a fair complexion and soft features. Start a conversation with her and you’ll find her lively, chatty and fun-loving. Yet, if you observe carefully enough, you’ll detect a slight awkwardness that she tries to mask under a bright smile.

Like many other new Coyotes, Natty is a fresh university graduate. Instead of becoming an accountant in Thailand, she decided to become a Coyote. She says that an accountant makes only $1000 a month in Thailand. As a Coyote in Singapore, she can easily make that amount in a week.

She intends to stop Coyote dancing within two years, and with the money she’s made, she hopes to further her education.

“Natty is the type of girl I want to be with,” says Elvin. “She’s new to the business; she’s sincere and genuinely looking for a guy she can depend on. She’s pretty and intelligent. What’s there not to like?”


The Great Coyote

Tonya is stunningly beautiful; sharp features, very slim and tanned. She struts around with an air of confidence, aware that she commands respect from the other Coyotes and aware that men cannot take their eyes off her.

She is a 9-year veteran; a wonderful singer and a master at the art of seduction. Smitten patrons often present her with expensive garlands and sashes when she performs and frequently buy her large bottles of champagne to impress her .

Tonya is the alpha-Coyote, a top earner. Over the years, she’s made enough to buy several houses back home. So confident is she of her Coyote skills, she speaks of starting a school to teach Coyotes how to seduce effectively.

So confident is she of her Coyote skills, she speaks of starting a school to teach Coyotes how to seduce effectively.

Elvin tells me that “there’s always one or two like Tonya in every establishment. She has a constant string of suitors who will spare no expense to win her over. She knows exactly what she wants in life and is in no need of a guy to support her. Don’t even bother trying to toy with her; she’ll see right through you.”


The Ugly Coyote

Nim is a ‘butterfly’; a derogatory term used to describe a Coyote who jumps from boyfriend to boyfriend, sometimes having a few at one time. With her dark skin tone, exotic looks, and sweet whispers, she milks expensive gifts and favours from these men. She leaves a trail of broken hearts and empty wallets behind her; she is the Coyote that bites.

To identify a Coyote like Nim, look for the girl who parties too hard. She is likely to be drunk and might have dilated pupils from snorting a line. And sometimes, at the end of the night, she follows patrons home for the after-party. Her colleagues speculate that she earns extra income that way.

“Keep your distance from this type. She’s bad news.” Elvin warns.

Whatever the type, the Coyotes are all able to take care of themselves, and they actively watch out for each other. So if some rich young stud thinks he can go to a Thai disco, flash some cash and hook some desperate village girl, he’s in for a real shocker; he might be the one who leaves crying.