bahrainCountry: BAHRAIN

Capital: Manama

Geographic Coordinates: 26 00 N, 50 33 E

Population: 738,004. Note: includes 235,108 non-nationals (July 2010 est.)

Main Religion: Islam

Language: Arabic

Government Type: Constitutional monarchy

Head of State:  King Hamad bin Isa al-KHALIFA

Main Industries:  petroleum processing and refining, aluminum smelting, iron pelletization, fertilizers, Islamic and offshore banking, insurance, ship repairing, tourism

GDP in US Dollars (per capita): $38,400 (2009 est.)

Currency Code:  Bahraini dinar (BHD)

Life Expectancy:  74 years (men), 77 years (women) (UN)

Environment - current issues: Desertification resulting from the degradation of limited arable land, periods of drought, and dust storms; Coastal degradation (damage to coastlines, coral reefs, and sea vegetation) resulting from oil spills and other discharges from large tankers, oil refineries, and distribution stations; Lack of freshwater resources (groundwater and seawater are the only sources for all water needs)

Issues facing Women and Children:
  • Net primary-school enrolment rates in the region average about 84 per cent, with little gender disparity. Pre-school enrolment rates, however, are only about 10 per cent.
  • Abuse of women and children, low minimum age for marriage and quality of school curricula are issues of concern.
  • Injuries and accidents, particularly those involving automobile traffic, are the leading causes of childhood morbidity and mortality.

Land Mine Ban Signatory: N

Local Media: Press: Akhbar al-Khaleej, Al-Ayam, Bahrain Tribune; Radio and TV: Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation (BRTC)

Interesting Fact: Bahrain - whose name means "two seas" - was once viewed by the ancient Sumerians as an island paradise to which the wise and the brave were taken to enjoy eternal life.

Famous for: Saambousa (pastry), Bahrain World Trade Centre, Qal'at al-Bahrain (the Ancient Harbour of Bahrain and Capital of Dilmun), pearls and pearl diving, possible site of Garden of Eden, "Tree of Life", Gold Souk, Bahrain Grand Prix


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