Let Them Have Dominion

Feb 09, 2011
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Mega-churches have expanded rapidly in Singapore. What’s their appeal, and what are the implications of this rise of evangelicalism and its inherently subversive agenda?

Modern Evangelicalism will continue on its march to greater glory. But we should view this with apprehension as the realization of its inherently subversive agenda could result in a dystopian future, one in which the secular Singaporean state devolves into an Evangelical pseudo-theocracy. It might sound ridiculous at this point but the possibility of an AWARE-like hijacking occurring on a larger scale is not entirely remote. If that happens, we might wake up one day to find ourselves citizens of an Evangelical state.


The writer, who is studying finance and religion at the National University of Singapore, was once part of a mega-church congregation. He left the herd when he realized that religious euphoria came at the price of one's sensibility.