The Ten-Question-Quiz on Religion and Asia

Apr 03, 2009
*Special to asia!
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How many of these questions can you get right without Wiki-pedia? Answers at the bottom.

1.  The Torii is the gate to which of Asia's holy sites?

2.  Which are the countries with the largest Muslim populations in the world?

3.  Originally from Iran, the religion is now based internationally in Haifa, Israel. What is it?

4.  Its official name is the Great Religion [of The] Third Period [of] Revelation [and] Salvation, and it considers French writer Victor Hugo as one of its Saints. What is it?

5.  What is the largest pilgrimage event in the world?

6.  Where are the Obando fertility rites carried out?

7.  The civara is an official dress of which major religion?

8.  Police found 21 Buddha stolen statues in the house of a 59-year-old, who said” I like Buddha statues. I took it (

sic) home and prayed to it (sic) every day.” Where was this?

9.  What is the most common first letter of all the books of the Christian Bible?

10.  At what age does the Jewish Bar Mitzvah take place?





1. The Torii is entrance to a Shinto shrine and the red Torii floating on the sea, located close to Miyajima island near Hiroshima, is one of Japan's most famous landmarks.

2. Indonesia (206.4 mil), Pakistan (167.2 mil) and India (156.44 mil) according to latest figures from the CIA Factbook. Saudi Arabia, home to Islam's holiest sites have 23 million Muslims.


muslim in India

Muslims believe the Qur’an is the word of God, revealed to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel.


3. The Bah'ai faith. It was started by a Persian nobleman Bahá’u’lláh, who is believed to be a messenger from God. Following persecution,its International Centre is now situated in Israel. It preaches the existence of one God and one human race and has an estimated five-million-strong following.

4. The Cao Dai faith. Established as recently as 1926 in southern Vietnam, it draws on precepts from the main religions of the world and has close to 8 million adherents in Vietnam. It is currently setting up its first Western temple in Riverside, California.

5. The Kumbh Mela which takes place in India three times every 12 years in four different locales. 70 million were present at the one held in 2003.


pligrims at ganges river

Pilgrims gather at the bank of the Ganges River.


6. In the town of Obando in the Philippines. Childless women arrive from different parts of the country for the three-day festival and take part in a dance following the images of Santa Clara, the patron saint of the town as well as for fertility, San Pascual Baylon and Our Lady of Salambao.

7. Buddhism. The civara refers to the robe worn by monks and is made up of an inner robe, from the waist to the knee, an upper robe, around the torso and shoulders and an outer robe used as an overgarment.

8. Kyoto, Japan. Several local temples had complained of Buddha statues going missing in recent months, and some have set up surveillance cameras and employed guards.


buddha statue

The Great Buddha of Kamakura which stands on the Kotokuin Temple.


9. J. Nine books in the bible begin with the letter, not including 1 John, 2 John and 3 John.

10. 13. A Jewish boy become bar-mitzvah at 13. The boy and not his parents will henceforth be responsible for him obeying Jewish law, ethics and tradition. The age for Jewish girls is 12.


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