Many Indonesian women face great difficulties in accessing safe terminations of unwanted pregnancies.
INNA HUDAYA | Mar 3, 2013
People in rural Papua are more interested in basic services than grand political struggles.
BOBBY ANDERSON | Nov 30, 2012
Ahmadis has been persecuted, but rights abuses between 1965-1998 remain unaddressed. Is there any hope for Papua?
IRIN | Nov 30, 2012
While experts remain divided over religious extremism, 600 terrorism arrests were made, and new militants refuse to listen.
IRIN | Nov 30, 2012
Indonesian television advertisements are constructing images of Indonesia by appropriating well-known nationalist themes.
Indonesian politicians want to raise their public profile but don’t want the criticism.
WAYNE PALMER | Oct 9, 2012
Activists work to change men’s interpretations of Islam that justify their superiority at home.
RACHMAD HIDAYAT | Jul 10, 2012

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