Weddings: Asian Couples Get Creative

Nov 09, 2010
*Special to asia!
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A wedding is one of the most important events in any Asian calendar, and it is rarely a small affair. Indeed the celebrations have got bigger, as the invites go viral!

asia! presents wedding invites that aren't quite your traditional word-of-mouth and cards-in-the-mail. And of course, our congratulations and best wishes to the happy couples!


1. This may not be coming to a theatre near you, but it sure kicks the behind of most trailers we have seen!




2. Once upon a time in the dusty far west, there was Tomas Abdul Malek and Reham Riad, And the rest, as they say, is in this video.



3. This one is from Carlo and Joni from the Philippines. Watch their love story as conveyed in their eyes.




4. If you liked Toy Story, you may enjoy this. A modern-day love story, Lego-style.



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