The tummy-troubled Nuclear Boy, created to explain Japan's nuclear accident to kids, becomes a YouTube hit.
The asia! team | Mar 23, 2011
A car crash paralyzed his left arm, so Somsak Hemran learnt to play guitar with just one hand.
The asia! team | Mar 14, 2011
A Filipino-Canadian singer schools us on the unique and wonderful "Pilipino", er, "Filipino" accent.
The asia! team | Mar 3, 2011
On Chinese New Year, Tencent QQ (China’s most popular instant-messaging software provider, with over 600 million users) released this advertisement. It soon found its way onto Youku (the Chinese Youtube), and to date has almost 600,000 views.
The asia! team | Feb 14, 2011
The pop idol tweeted, "Can't stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future." But just who is she talking about?
The asia! team | Feb 13, 2011
Instead of a bowl, you will find a hole in a ground and a pail. Watch this first before you go, so you know what to do. Applicable also in the rest of Asia.
The asia! team | Feb 9, 2011
Korean artist Sung Yeonju has designed a bunch of dresses constructed out of everyday food items like tomatoes, onions, and even bananas.
V SAXENA | Jan 5, 2011
We bring you some Christmas cheer - Jingle Bells and other seasonal tunes sung in various Asian languages, or with an Asian slant. Enjoy!
The asia! team | Dec 22, 2010
A Sound of Music addict lists a few of her favourite things about the movie.
MELANIE LEE | Dec 15, 2010
At a recent forum on globalisation in Manila, three Igorots in traditional G-strings were told to get out for inappropriate dressing.
INDOLENT INDIO | Nov 29, 2010