Keeping Track of Time

Sep 29, 2010
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Bridges, factories, fire stations, rural land – let’s take one more train ride along the Malayan Railway line that runs through Singapore.

Looking back, I suppose one of the things that came from having a Malaysian railway line operating through Singapore was that it allowed large tracts of the land along the railway and much of the areas around to remain undeveloped and retain the rustic charm that has been lost in much of our island through the rapid modernisation that has overtaken us since our independence, much of which I guess would soon be consigned to the past with the recent agreement on the land swap and the redevelopment of the Railway land.

There isn’t much time left, I guess, for us to savour the rustic charm of the Railway land and some of the buildings that lay around it. I would certainly like to take a last train journey, to take all this in for one last time and to say a fond farewell to what will soon be lost.


This post was originally published in September 2010 in The Long and Winding Road, which made it into the 2010 finals for Best Individual Blog in the Singapore Blog Awards. He was also one of 10 bloggers invited to Hong Kong recently by the HK Tourism Board.