Time Spent

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It’s not the night I have to bear,

it’s not the days I have to serve.

By time I wait, while I am lost.


It’s the weight of sin I have to bear, 


the ones I love, but fail to serve

These are the seals upon my heart,

that’s trapped within a hardened shell

Hiding a shame I’ll never tell

But enter this shell, a grain of sand.

Layered coating of lesson learned,

reflections of itself back



A newfound grace, polished with faith, 

patience reveals a glow within.

A beautiful pearl as black as sin.

In fear of thunder, there’s promise of rain.

For every loss, a hidden gain.

Faith and patience: remedies for pain.

So to my Lord, I do repent. To my love, I’ll make amends

For all my sins, my faults. Amen.

To gain what’s lost, when time was spent.


Till one day someone dug and found the rock that hardened

He told and brought it to light

Now the worm, the carbon, renowned crystallite


*This poem was a finalist in the 2006 poetry competition organized by the Yellow Ribbon Project for the inmates of Singapore's Changi Prison as well as ex-offenders.