Eco-label questioned

Consumers see red over questionable eco-labelling.

Green labels, which once made it easier for consumers to discern socially and environmentally responsible companies, are today leaving them frustrated, confused and deceived.

Julia Gabriel

As another school year begins, more kids will be starting with the hugely popular Julia Gabriel Centre of Learning.

In 15 years you have moved from a single classroom to a huge organisation. What will happen in the next 15 years?


"People of my age generally have shame, so they are very hesitant to show their private parts."

Shigeo Tokuda, 74-year-old Japanese porn star, on 'elder porn' in Japan


Our Chico in heaven

This December, environmentalists the world over remember Chico Mendes, a Brazilian unionist and rubber tapper who fought tirelessly to stop the felling of trees by cattle ranchers in his beloved Amazon, and gave his life to his cause.

"At first I thought I was fighting to save rubber trees, then I thought I was fighting to save the Amazon rainforest. Now I realise I am fighting for humanity."

His fight ended exactly 20 years ago when those opposed to him savagely murdered him. He made a sacrifice to protect the environment long before it became fashionable and inspired many, including popular Mexican band Mana, which penned a moving Grammy-nominated tribute to him "Cuando los angeles lloran" (When the angels cry).

The freeloading mason

After his retirement, when he settled down in Calicut, South India, a friend asked him what he would do to pass the time. Narayan Gopalakrishnan thought, "Wouldn't time pass if he didn't do anything?"

Oh yes! Time had passed pretty fast, and in huge chunks. Joining the elite service of the Indian Railways in 1957, I slogged in the districts for nearly 15 years. Then I was posted to Calcutta. We had a nice house on the banks of the Hoogli, the biggest distributary of the Ganges.


"I always take care of my bottom, but I’m embarrassed to show it today because I burned it by sitting on a hair iron the other day."

18 year-old Kaho Watanabe, winner of Sloggi’s "Best Ass" competition in Japan.