Nina Wang’s Will as Provided by her Family

Apr 16, 2009
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I, Nina Wang, hereby establish my will as below:


1. “Chinatrust Foundation Pte Ltd” is set up by my husband and myself. It will receive all my assets after my death.

2. I hope to entrust “Chinatrust Foundation Pte Ltd” after my death to a council formed by the Secretary General of the United Nations, the President of the People’s Republic of China and the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Under their supervision, the foundation must continue all the projects it has sponsored since its founding. It should also work towards establishing a set of world class awards similar to the status and purposes of the Nobel Prizes.

3. The directors of “Chinatrust Foundation Pte Ltd” should, under the supervision of the council mentioned above, continue to expand the business and capital of all the assets under its control, to ensure it will continue to grow and will continue to spend part of its profits on charitable purposes for eternity.

4. a) “Chinatrust Foundation Pte Ltd” is to continue to support the older members of the Wang family to achieve living standards acceptable to them.


b) It should also support the brother of my husband and the education of his children to university level.

c) It should support my colleagues in the Chinatrust group and their children and help them to continue to benefit mankind.




Nina Wang


Announcement by an unknown party contesting the will


The beneficiary named in the Will of the late Nina Wang has retained Haldanes, Solicitors. We have been asked to confirm that the beneficiary is not a charity in order to alleviate some of the speculation in this regard.



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