The Student Life

Apr 26, 2012
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Meena Mangrati is a student from photojournalism workshop for underprivileged girls in Nepal. In this photo essay, Meena reflects on her life as a young student in Kathmandu.

1222 Young students in rural Nepal get ready to go to school. PHOTO: Meena MangratiLife comprises many stages. The student life is one of them. For those who can afford it, student life begins around the age of five, and if one is fortunate, it will last for some years. It is during this stage that we prepare for my future. If we can do better in this stage, our futures will be bright. If not, it will be dark.

1223 A typical school in rural Nepal. PHOTO: Meena MangratiOur mind is like clay during this stage. Potters are like teachers who mold many different kinds of pots from the clay. A pot, once made, cannot be easily changed. In the same way, the character that is molded during this student life cannot be easily altered. So students should be given good training and education for a better future.

1225 Three female students (in blue and maroon uniform) have breakfast on their porch before heading off to school. PHOTO: Meena MangratiA student has many things to learn. A student's first duty is to study. To do this, we need good health. In order to be healthy, we need physical exercise and a balanced diet. A person who is physically healthy can then be mentally healthy. Once there are these foundations, a student has space to develop a good character. If character is lost, everything is lost - a person with a bad character is trusted by no one.

1226 Without the opportunity for an education, young women are forced to enter the workforce. PHOTO: Meena MangratiDiscipline is the key to success. Discipline teaches us good manners, obedience, diligence, accountability and respect. Another important virtue for a student is perseverance. One should not be discouraged by failures. He or she should keep on going until he or she achieves success. A student need also be sociable. He or she must learn to interact with society. He or she should associate with good company. Only bookish knowledge is not sufficient for all round development. So a student must take part in extra curricular activities.

1228 A young woman tends to her cattle in Nepal's Tanahun district. PHOTO: Meena Mangrati.It is obvious that the student life is the must important stage of our life. So parents and teachers should be careful to provide the right direction. photography workshop is a joint project by the Little Sisters Fund, Takshashila Academy, and The Patatas.