Chinatown Photo Contest



The winner of our Chinatown Photo contest is Budi Prakasa with ‘Temple Guard’. Budi’s picture of the weathered face of Willy, the temple guard, gazing out of Jakarta’s largest Chinese temple is well composed and compelling. You are drawn into the picture by Willy’s eyes. Lighting is managed well. This is a picture with emotional depth.





Two pictures by Jay Sullivan deserve commendation for their composition and impact. ‘Lion Dance’ captures the flavour of Chinatown, with the lion’s head seemingly rising out of the haze to glare at a tall man silhouetted in the milling crowd. In ‘Cigarette Break’, the white uniform of the chef gleams as he stands in a patch of sun while taking a break from the kitchen.


Lion Dance




Cigarette Break



Here are some of the other photo submissions. Thanks to all who took part and look out for our next photo contest.