Breakfast, Part II

*Special to asia!
-A +A

The toast is soft today

too much butter -

or is it just this lacklustre

morning weather?

I sit next to you

inhaling your cigarette smoke

you are worried about the coming trip

while my mind is

fixed on something/someone else.

Between the cups of milo and coffee

I want to tell you this thing

that is

weighing me down

but I guess now is not the time for such a thing, on this

lacklustre morning.

Why aren't you eating, you ask

me, I almost say I had a

cup of sadness

for breakfast

so I say nothing, smile instead...

It starts to drizzle and we

both look up at the sky

but we know that

you and I, are in no real hurry -

we'd expected this rain fall -

and the toast is soft

already, after all



Sherwin is a writer and feng shui consultant. is part of his poetry collection.