As Asia’s two richest men near their 80s, bets are on whether their prodigal sons will return to take over the family businesses.
Tony Fernandes is all set to take AirAsia to greater heights.
In the long running pissing match between Singapore and Hong Kong, the latter seems to have won the latest round. Well, sort of.
When John Mack rejoined Morgan Stanley as chairman and CEO in 2005, one of the biggest assets of the Wall Street super-investment bank was a man called Levin Zhu Yunlai. Now the two are barely on speaking terms.
They have been friends and business partners for almost three decades. But now Uni-President group of Taiwan and Japan’s Ito-Yokado are one step short of a feud.
Like a pair of bad tempered boys, Mahathir Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia, and George Soros, the US billionaire speculator and philanthropist, had been feuding for a decade, using all sorts of platforms including a World Bank meeting for their fight.
The sale of PCCW brings out the bad blood between Richard Li and Li Ka-shing.
Wendi Deng and Masayoshi Son join forces to set up MySpace Japan KK. Despite their immense wealth, they are both outcasts in their chosen homes. Perhaps that is why Wendi Deng and Masayoshi Son have inked an agreement that could change the landscape of the online world in Asia.