"I always take care of my bottom, but I’m embarrassed to show it today because I burned it by sitting on a hair iron the other day."

18 year-old Kaho Watanabe, winner of Sloggi’s "Best Ass" competition in Japan.


"He should behave like a mourning widower."

Tahira Abdullah, a member of the Women's Action Forum, after Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari said on meeting US Republican candidate Sarah Palin that she was "even more gorgeous in real life". Zardari’s wife Benazir Bhutto was assassinated last year.

"My girlfriend’s zodiac sign must be a dog."

24 year-old Wei, who was rushed to hospital in the Chongqin area of China, after his girlfriend bit off his entire lower lip while kissing.


"We decided to sell the plane to make more parking space."

Wang Zhilei, general manager of Zhuhai Ridong Group, on why his shopping mall is putting up Mao Zedong’s private jet for sale.


"There's not much international students can learn from Australia in terms of culture, or in terms of English. After all, the standard of English of Australian students is not high anyway."

Eric Pang, President of the National Liaison Committee for International Students in Australia. The committee’s website states that it is "reflective of the world market and the reputation of the education industry in Australia."

First Published: 
November 2008


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