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By *Source: CIA World Factbook 2009; UNICEF
December 16, 2008



Capital: Baku

Geographic Coordinates: 40 30 N, 47 30 E

Population: 8,238,672 (July 2009 est.) 

Main Religion: Islam

Language: Azerbaijani (Azeri), Russian

Government Type: Republic

Head of State: President Ilham ALIYEV

Main Industries: petroleum and natural gas, petroleum products, oilfield equipment; steel, iron ore; cement; chemicals and petrochemicals; textiles

GDP in US Dollars (per capita): $9,000 (2008 est.)

Currency Code: Azerbaijani manat (AZM)

Life Expectancy: 64 years (men), 71 years (women) (UN)

Environment - current issues: Local scientists consider the Abseron Yasaqligi (Apsheron Peninsula) (including Baku and Sumqayit) and the Caspian Sea to be the ecologically most devastated area in the world because of severe air, soil, and water pollution; soil pollution results from oil spills, from the use of DDT pesticide, and from toxic defoliants used in the production of cotton

Issues facing Women and Children:
  • The infant mortality rate for the poorest 10 per cent of Azerbaijanis is 10 times higher than for the richest 10 per cent. Infant and child mortality rates are also significantly higher in rural areas than in cities.
  • Among children under five, 13 per cent suffer moderate to severe stunting.
  • The official rate of HIV/AIDS is low, but it is possible that many cases go unreported. Among the risk factors which may increase prevalence are poor access to health care, lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS prevention, large numbers of internally displaced people and large populations of migrant workers from higher-prevalence countries.

Land Mine Ban Signatory: N

Local Media: Press: Azarbaycan, Azadliq, Ekho, Ekspress, Yeni Azarbaycan, Baku Sun; Radio and TV: AzTV, ANS TV, Azerbaijan Radio

Interesting Fact: The name for Azerbaijan derives from a word for "fire". It is interesting to note that Azerbaijan has large deposits of oil and the ignition of surface oil may have led to the description of the country as the "land of fire".

Famous for: Sheki The Khan's Place (one of Azerbaijan's oldest commercial centres), The Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape, Museum of Carpets and Applied Arts, sherbet drinks, plov (pilaff), silk