Dependents of the state: The Chen Shui-bian saga


It turns out that the family of Taiwan's former President Chen Shui-bian—wife, son, daughter, son-in-law—has been using a slush fund earmarked by the president for state purposes as their private shopping kitty. From a diamond ring to toilet paper, this growing list is now a source of endless mirth to the cynical Taiwanese who have long given up hope on their government.

The shopping list that is bringing
down a government...

Chen Chih-ching (son)
Item Price (NT$)
Law books 2488
Magazines 1600
Theme park pen holder 1200
Meals 5379
(in Tony Roma's, Bellini Café etc)
Shopping 3808
TOTAL: $14’475

Wu Shu-chen (wife)
Item Price (NT$)
SOGO gift voucher 279419
Cosmetics 99750
Gifts 175650
Sunglasses 17000
Meals in Hilton Hotel 25569
Japanese meal 26925
Imported women clothing 11592
Scarf from London 35000
Tiffany diamond ring 30000
Toilet paper from Watsons 30
TOTAL: $700’935

Chen Hsing-yu (daughter)
Item Price (NT$)
Burberry 49944
Disney English lessons 44500
Baby goods 16000
Children's wood set 791
Barrier for baby bed 1395
Baby clothing 1470
Health supplements 9046
TOTAL: $123’146

RECEIPT NO. 150014
Chao Chien-min (son-in-law)
Item Price (NT$)
Japanese meal 10560
Shopping 19110
Magazine 1621
Pillows 3990
Duvet 14440
Phone 6080
TOTAL: $55’801

1 US$ = NT$32.86


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First Published: 
December 2006


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