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Amitabh Bachchan vs Shah Rukh Khan: The Bollywood Fight of the Century


amitabh vs khan


The Jalsa corner

Main character

Amitabh Bachchan, (“The Big B”) 64, actor, TV presenter, poet, one-time Member of Parliament and potential candidate for presidency.

Supporting Cast:

In Imelda's own words

"I was born ostentatious. They will list my name in the dictionary someday. They will use ‘Imeldific’ to mean ostentatious extravagance".

The "A" List (Part 1 of 2)


Ten Asians making the news in America

From shore to shining shore, America is made up of successive generations of immigrants. But it has always found it difficult to accommodate those who came via the Pacific instead of the Atlantic.

Little Sisters


Photographers Edwin Koo and Debby Ng spent some time with underprivileged but inspirational girls in the highlands of Nepal where they are being helped by the charity Little Sisters Fund. catches up with the duo just before the opening of their photo exhibition on their time in Nepal.

little sisters

Teaching a girl to fish


A trek to the world’s highest peak gives rise to one of education’s greatest endeavours.

Little Januka (not her real name) grew up on the streets of Katmandu, selling trinkets to try to make enough money to eat and feed her three younger sisters. Her mother had passed away and her father had abandoned them. She moved in with her grandmother but had to work as a housemaid to warrant her keep. At age 15 she met with an opportunity to change her world.

Don't tell the Japanese instant noodles is really Chinese!


In 2000, the Japanese public voted instant noodles as the most important food invented in the 20th century. Little do they know that it was invented by a Chinese.

It is on record that Momofuku Ando (above) of Osaka, the founder of the giant food concern Nissin Food Products, invented instant noodles in 1958. What is almost never mentioned is that Ando, now 98, was born a Chinese named Wu Bai-fu.

Moral anaesthesia


Cost cutting at his clinics has cost wealthy Nevada-based physician Dipak Desai his reputation.

More than 30 years ago, a young Indian doctor called Dipak Desai landed in New York looking for fame and fortune. Since then he has found fortune. On September 27, 2009, he will have national, if not international, fame, though not the way he might have wanted it.

Blind man's bluff


A 79-year-old woman triumphs over a revisionist historian's assault.

"We remember the suffering of the individual women who were subjected to sexual violence by the Japanese military, lament the victims of wartime sexual violence throughout the world, pray for a peaceful world without war." These words are inscribed in 12 languages on a cenotaph unveiled on Japan's Okinawa island.

Apology for a rape


The Nanjing Massacre is a sore point in Sino-Japanese relations and something has to be done about it soon.

nanjing massacre

A Sino-Japanese time bomb is ticking. If nothing is done to defuse it, it will explode in December 2007, when China commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Rape of Nanjing.

Meet Asia's dynamic First Ladies


In 2003, Taiwan's former First Lady was named one of Time magazine's Asian Heroes. Now she could face jail time. Her Thai counterpart is doing no better, having been sentenced to three years for tax evasion, without her other half. Between a graft indictment and a divorce-of-convenience, Asia's First Wives have shown that they are no mere tai tais or ladies of leisure.

They are not Laura Bush, forever smiling, forever supportive, a silent ornament next to her bumbling husband, George. Neither are they Hillary Rodham Clinton, outspoken, aggressive, a scene-stealer, as much a liability as an asset to the charismatic Bill. They are constrained by culture and tradition to be subservient to their men.

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