Ten out of '10

Jan 10, 2011
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Mooncakes, coyotes and Wendi Deng - we bring you asia!’s Top Ten stories from 2010




10. Kaguya, the Japanese Moon Goddess

Perhaps the best-loved legend in Japan, the story of Kaguya traces its origin from a 10th century folktale called The Bamboo Cutter.

By Lee Han Shih


9. The Case Against the Mooncake

“I long for the days when we can all be free of this absurd, pointless, bad-tasting, gruesomely unhealthy and astonishingly wasteful pastry.”

By Clarissa Tan


8. Ten Things You Don't Know about Wendi Deng

This is about, well, ten things you don’t know about Wendi Deng.

By Lee Han Shih


7. A Mother’s Moving Words

In the hospital with her dengue-stricken daughter, a woman writes about, among other things, hope.

By ‘Indian Homemaker’


6. Why Malaysians Hate Singapore

Mostly, it’s because citizens of the city-state are fond of claiming superiority over their neighbour.

By Nigel Lim


5. Ancient Chinese Erotic Art

A selection of the Chinese erotic art that managed to escape destruction during the Mao era.

By Zhang Zihan


4. The Rise of Wendi Deng Murdoch

Her birth name may embody the communist spirit but she has proven a capitalist through and through.

By Lee Han Shih


3. A Guide to Thai Coyotes in Singapore

A quick roadmap for hunters and observers of Coyotes. But what’s a Coyote? All will soon be clear…

By Darius Sit


2. School Days in Singapore

A walk down memory lane – or, more specifically, the Bras Basah Road, Waterloo Street and Stamford Road of the late 1970s

By Jerome Lim


1. The Pursuit of Thai Coyotes in Singapore

You might think that the scantily-clad erotic dancers at Thai discos are here for a quick buck. But some of them are really looking for love, and a growing number of Singaporean men are falling for them.

By Darius Sit


We hope you enjoyed reading asia! last year, as much as we enjoyed bringing our stories and blogs to you. Have a fantastic 2011.