A writer transforms her quest for a story into a cause.
WONG MEI LING | Jul 14, 2011
Financial whizzkid and founder of Samman Foundation, Irfan Alam, is riding high on the rickshaw revolution he started.
DAWN TAN | Jul 10, 2011
Twenty-eight-year-old Zaw Htat runs a school for 100 pupils in Mae Sot, Thailand. Meet the illegal Burmese migrant teacher.
TSENG HAN-SHENG | Jul 10, 2011
Along with ploughing, irrigation, harvesting and threshing, farmers in India are adding logging on to their daily list of chores on the farm. 
DAWN TAN | Jul 5, 2011
Comparing the art of people-watching in Singapore and New York
POOJA MAKHIJANI | Jun 21, 2011
A child rights advocate, an avid book reader and a drama enthusiast, Sanjog Thakuri is all that and more.
Una Ragazza, who wrote the following note to her grandfather for the memorial service that took place during his second death anniversary this month. For all of you who ever had a relationship with your grandfather, this is for them too.
UNA RAGAZZA | Jun 9, 2011
Some discovered Jesus, and others wealth and success on Wall Street. A handful is on Twitter where one of them tells of how he was entrapped by his wife, a Chinese undercover spy. Here are the 21 most wanted leaders of the Tiananmen uprising, 22 years later.
DAN-CHYI CHUA | Jun 4, 2011