Some discovered Jesus, and others wealth and success on Wall Street. A handful are on Twitter where one of them tells of how he was entrapped by his wife, a Chinese undercover spy. Here are the 21 most wanted leaders of the Tiananmen uprising, 22 years later.
DAN-CHYI CHUA | Jun 4, 2011
Though he was not placed on China's most wanted list, the punishment meted out to Li Wangyang was heavier than for any of the student leaders.
The asia! team | Jun 4, 2011
That she was once a tomboy makes Martha Tilaar’s success story even more remarkable.
VIVIENNE KHOO | Jun 1, 2011
When Mikhail Kudryashov goes to court this week, all eyes will be on him to see if there will be justice for a man most think was set up.
CHRIS RICKLETON | May 28, 2011
The equation Lee Kuan Yew = PAP = Singapore had scrolled across the collective consciousness for nearly half a century.
CATHERINE LIM | May 24, 2011
India had sent Pakistan a list of 50 “most wanted” it said were hiding there. Then it turned out that two of the 50 were right there – in India itself.
PRO-KERALA.COM | May 24, 2011
My first encounter with 万成(Wan Cheng), he had yelled at me to mind my manners. The second time I spoke with him, I asked him to remove his shirt for me.
SUE ANNE TAY | May 20, 2011
Bulu Imam is a man on an unlikely mission: to save the tribal way of life in India. And he's going to do it with art.
DAWN TAN | May 17, 2011