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dan-chyi chua

Dan-Chyi Chua was a broadcast journalist, before forsaking Goggle Box Glitz for the Open Road. A three-year foray led her through the Middle East, China, SE Asia, Latin America and Cuba, and she's now grounded herself as a writer for, content with spending her days in Jerusalem.

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The State of Asia's Refugees
December 14, 2010
Special to asia!

Of the 8.8 million refugees in the world, about half are right here in Asia.


Among them, we find tales of despair of being homeless but also of joy at finding new homes.

Through their eyes, we see the best as well as the worst of our humanity. brings you some of their stories from around Asia.


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No Home to Call their Own

Where Do I Belong?

Peace, When?

Acting Class in Jenin with Monty Python's Michael Palin

Ashamed to Be Cambodian

Hospitality Tradition Helps Ease Pakistan's Refugee Crisis

Paradise Lost: Fallout of the Swat Valley



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