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Cricket: The Great Indian Obsession


Indian schoolchildren may not know who their prime minister is, but few will have problems naming their country's cricket captain. So what is India's fascination with this most famous of its colonial inheritance?

cricket mob in India
It is March 14, 1996 and a chauffeur is driving me through the streets of Calcutta in a beat up Ambassador. On a regular day we would be patiently ploughing through traffic in this wonderful city. But not on this day.

Mighty mediocrity of Chinese sports


One of the greatest regrets in an otherwise spectacular hosting of the Beijing Olympics for China must surely be its famous hurdler Liu Xiang pulling out of the 110m event due to injury.

As we recall the collective gasp that went around China following the announcement, recalls the other year of Chinese sporting disappointments that was 2005.

In 2005, China had major achievements in sports, but the regrets seem to overshadow them. What follows is a list of the 10 biggest regrets Chinese sportsmen and women had in 2005.

Of 8s, China and basketball


Every year there is a draft that no one dodges. In fact there are more aspirants than there is space on the list.

Everyone knows by now the Olympics began on August 8, 2008, because the Chinese think the number "8" is lucky. Well, they may have one Italian backing them up on that one.

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The work of IM Pei, Asia's most accomplished architect