Geopolitics and Strategic Relations

Two peoples and the wall between them

History and culture, religion and nations, politics and conflicts.

They have all clashed in Jerusalem for thousands of years.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the latest chapter, and this is a blog of pages about the people, issues and voices muted too long by the politicking and fighting.

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*The white dotted lines indicate the demarcation between Israel and the Palestinian-controlled territories of Gaza and the West Bank.


A special coverage of the Second Palestinian Festival of Literature, as it brings some 20 international writers – western and Arab – to the West Bank, from Arab East Jerusalem to Ramallah, Jenin, Bethlehem, and Hebron.

Reality Check or How to hold a festival under occupation 

"You can't escape politics here."

Could you be any funnier?

Acting class in Jenin with Monty Python's Michael Palin

Crossing the Qalandia checkpoint into Israel

Is there something we should be doing for the Palestinians?

Hanging out at Hebron University

Of printed words that close the festival

Learning about matters of faith on a Jewish holy day


This series of three stories looks at the issue of land in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with a special focus on the city of Jerusalem.

The Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as territory annexed from them during the Six-Day War in 1967. Israel maintains that Jerusalem will not be divided, and has cut it off from the Palestinian-controlled West Bank with the erection of a security wall.

If and when the peace talks between the two sides continue, the status of Jerusalem will be paramount, and control of this holy city may come down to quite literally the situation on the ground and just who owns how much of it.


Dot-p-s, because any sovereignty you can get counts 

The Israeli-Palestinian Numbers Game

There was an old woman who lived in a tent



Hebron is the city where Jews and the Muslims find their common ground in their shared patriarch Abraham. From him was descended Issac, father of the Jewish people and Ishmael, from whom came the Muslims.

Thousands of years on, it is a tension point where the two warring peoples have to live closer together than anywhere else in the West Bank.


One way Israeli, one way Arabhebron marker

Hebron - where the Jews and Palestinians met and parted ways

The Chinese-Arab connection


Cheat Sheet: Palestinian Territories

Cheat Sheet: Israel



Homeless and on the run in Pakistan's paradise


Overnight, more than two million in the "Switzerland of the East" find themselves homeless in their own country as the Pakistani government wages an all-out war against the Taliban.

Hospitality tradition helps ease Pakistan’s refugee crisis


The solidarity derived from traditional hospitality has provided a pillar of strength to the embattled nation.

children in swat valley

Scene from a camp holding refugees from the Swat Valley.
Photo courtesy of Gulraiz Khan.

Peace, when?


If you are Lebanese and under 30 years old, you definitely would have lived through war.

Post-Election Analysis: Why everyone called it wrong


On Saturday May 16th, India's ruling Congress Party was kept in power, winning an astonishing 262 votes, its best results since 1990. Just ten votes short of the 272 needed for a parliamentary majority, it will be able to govern without the need to make deals with regional parties. The markets responded with a resounding 17 percent surge in share prices, its biggest one-day-gain in three decades. Yet this was a victory margin none of the pundits saw coming.

As India Votes 2009

Illustration: Vikash Sharma

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