Jinjiang River in two hours

The mission was to find dinner. I got a map from the hotel and became curious about the this ancient river that was so close to my hotel. So I made a detour.

Return to KM0

"It's about time." I'm whispering to myself. No. I'm exclaiming out loud in my head! What took me so long? The last time I was here was on December 23, 2005. Three days before the Indian Ocean tsunami levelled the northern tip of Sumatra.

Blue Sheep

We're at the foot of the Gangapurna Mountain. I take a last look at Gangapurna glacier in the daylight. Tomorrow I will leave before sunrise.

Musk deer

November 20, 2008

It's been a day of nerves, physique and emotions. Beginning at 0730, Mukhiya and I ascended Gangapurna in search of Blue sheep and the elusive musk deer. On the way up the peak, just before passing the ridge over Gangapurna Lake, Mukhiya stops to ask a woodcutter if he's seen any musk deer (because he's so confident about finding Blue sheep he doesn't even ask about those!) And the answer is positive: a musk deer crossed the trail right around the "big rock".

Ngarwal to Manang

November 18, 2008

Julu Village. The warmest village in Menang district because it's sheltered from the wind. First snow fell this morning but the sun kept its rays up. I had tsampa porridge and eggs. I'm now at the Snow Lion Foundation, one of 12 schools in Nepal comissioned by the foundation's HQ in Daramsala. 80 students. 5 teachers. All students on scholarships but only 20 have individual sponsors.


Pisang to Ngarwal

November 19, 2008

Today I trekked from upper Pisang to Ngarwal via Gyaru. Its old name is Yakru and some of the signs along the trail still bear this name.

I'm not sure of the date because that doesn't seem very important here unless you have a plane or bus or something to catch! The route was fantastic. With out-of-this-world views of the villages we'd trekked through and encounters with all sorts of alpine scrub birds as well as vultures in the heavens. Like the day before, we didn't manage to see any musk deer.

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