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Cancer threatens China's children


In a feat unparalleled in history, China has lifted an entire generation out of abject poverty. But in doing so, she may have also doomed the next generation. looks at the rising incidence of cancer among Chinese children.

Poisonous cord blood

In the last month of gestation, the mother’s body pumps at least 300 quarts of blood each day through the umbilical cord to the baby inside the placenta.

Scientists had thought the placenta is able to filter  most undesirable substances in the environment except residues of cigarette and alcohol.

Not any more. It is now known many industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides can cross the placenta easily. 

Puff, the Chinese Dragon

This year the Chinese will puff away 2 trillion (2,000,000,000,000) cigarettes,  an average of four sticks a day for each of the 1.3 billion people in the country.

Somaly Mam: telling the story of Cambodian women


We are made of stories. We recount them, understand them, remember them, and live them. In the canonical image of villagers sitting around a fire at night, everyone is listening to the storyteller narrate the tales of the day or the season.

Organised crime


India is reeling from the discovery of a network of brokers and health workers dealing in kidneys.

Asia's ancient artforms


For three people, with more than 75 years of martial arts training between them, the fighting arts have transformed into music, movement and meditation. Chia Ming Chien traces their journeys.

New cells for old


American celebrity Don Ho’s successful stem cell treatment in Thailand may force President Bush to soften his stand against it.

I see red when you see green


"Stupid or what?" the father said to his son.

"Can't you see what I'm pointing at?"

Turning Beitou into a luxury health centre

Two years ago, a friend decided to sell his resort in the middle of Beitou, a popular hot springs destination. Without too much deliberation, Amy Ho decided to buy it, adding it to her other ventures such as her health and beauty clinic and a line of cosmetics and health aids.

“I thought about how hot springs are healthy and help you stay young and beautiful," she explains. "Doctors even suggest visits to improve and promote one's healthy lifestyle and it’s also a kind of recreation. It has a very good connection with the medical clinic.”

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