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The Birth of a Nation: Israel in Pictures

David Rubinger was there at some of the most significant moments of Israel's history. His photographs are a testimony of its tumultuous past, which remains very much a part of the country's present. He shared these works of his in an exclusive interview with


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Israel's Picture Maker


18 years old — and a CEO

omar faruk

With a Wall Street address and wisdom beyond his years, Mohammed Omar Faruk tells asia! how business can take care of the world.

Somaly Mam: telling the story of Cambodian women


We are made of stories. We recount them, understand them, remember them, and live them. In the canonical image of villagers sitting around a fire at night, everyone is listening to the storyteller narrate the tales of the day or the season.

Wendi wins the war


Her birth name may embody the communist spirit but she has proven a capitalist  through and thrust. Meet Wendi Deng Murdoch, the woman behind the world's most powerful media mogul.

Korean Queens

The women of China can take a leaf from Korean women who have come into their own through a great belief in themselves.

Turning Beitou into a luxury health centre

Two years ago, a friend decided to sell his resort in the middle of Beitou, a popular hot springs destination. Without too much deliberation, Amy Ho decided to buy it, adding it to her other ventures such as her health and beauty clinic and a line of cosmetics and health aids.

“I thought about how hot springs are healthy and help you stay young and beautiful," she explains. "Doctors even suggest visits to improve and promote one's healthy lifestyle and it’s also a kind of recreation. It has a very good connection with the medical clinic.”

Singaporeans rise to the occasion


When it appeared that an anti-gay christian fundamentalism was threatening to take over AWARE, a local women’s rights group, a record number turned up to defend the organisation’s ideals in a rare and dramatic display of civic pride and passion.

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