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Little Sweetie’s fairy tale life, with some bumps along the way

1955 – On her birthday, 18-year old Nina Kung Yu-Sum marries Teddy Wang Teh Huei, 21, whom she started dating at age 11. Teddy’s mother is not happy with the match.

1960 – A sickly Teddy makes a will bequeathing equal shares of his property firm, Chinachem to Nina and his dad, Din-shin.

Turning Beitou into a luxury health centre

Two years ago, a friend decided to sell his resort in the middle of Beitou, a popular hot springs destination. Without too much deliberation, Amy Ho decided to buy it, adding it to her other ventures such as her health and beauty clinic and a line of cosmetics and health aids.

“I thought about how hot springs are healthy and help you stay young and beautiful," she explains. "Doctors even suggest visits to improve and promote one's healthy lifestyle and it’s also a kind of recreation. It has a very good connection with the medical clinic.”

Chasing Cinderellas

According to a survey reported in Taiwan some months ago, only two per cent of all women in the island country think of themselves as physically attractive.

Taiwanese women are not alone. In fact, the same survey, which polled 5,600 women in 21 different countries, showed that the two per cent figure applies to the rest of the world, as well.

Amy Ho: Taiwan's Martha Stewart


Celebrity, entrepreneur, health advisor and beauty guru. Stock wiz, hotelier, author, and coffee retailer. What does Taiwan’s “luckiest and most beautiful entrepreneur” want to do now?

Days of plunder


There are many who practise crony capitalism — getting economic gains by toadying up to the powers that be — but few, if any, match the scale of Liem Sioe Liong.

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