By Company or Business Venture in Asia

James Riady - The evangelical felon

Of the many rich Chinese doing business in Indonesia, James Riady stands as the only one openly mixing religion with business. By and large, the 97% indigenous Indonesians tolerate the 3% minority Chinese unless provoked. In 2001, soon after pleading guilty to a felony charge brought against him by the US Justice Department, he gave an interview to Fortune that caused him endless troubles at home.

Stephen Riady - Agent of God or the other way around?

At Newton Circus, one of Singapore’s busiest traffic junctions, a large sign catches the eyes of motorists and irritates many of them. “Fully Sold, Thanks be to God” has been standing for a year, ever since the Lippo group sold the last condominium in its Newton One development. It will be there until the project is done in about two years.

Chasing the sun

Cirque du Soleil 1

Can US$2 billion buy the Sheikh the Circus of the Sun? With a projected income of close to US$37 billion this year, the oil-rich Gulf state of Dubai is all ready to try.

March 2007, a flashback


Baidu ventures into news service

China’s premier local search engine Baidu has secured a coveted Internet news licence on the Internet and has formed a small core team to study ways to provide news using the Web 2.0 methods to its numerous users. The listed Baidu aims to establish itself as a major player in the fast growing net advertising market.

Jinxed deals

Call it the Law of Unintended Consequences. In the past 12 months the Khoo family dealt twice with the Singapore government. And twice it caused major headaches for the parties involved.

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