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Going to his head


An old man in the ancient city of Nanjing has become a multi-millionaire by punting on just one stock — Guizhou Maotai.

An inconvenient proposition: Uni-President and Ito-Yokado

They have been friends and business partners for almost three decades. But now Uni-President group of Taiwan and Japan’s Ito-Yokado are one step short of a feud.

Samsung's strength

Next year the Samsung group will celebrate its 70th anniversary. Barring snags, it will also celebrate the ascension of the third generation of the founding Lee family to its helm.

November 2008


Back to his roots

Ratan Tata has decided to make his Nano, the world's cheapest car, in Gujarat, the state where the Tata clan, of Parsi faith, made their first home in India after their ancestors fled Persia (now Iran). If all goes well Tata Motors will be given a 1,000 acre site near Sanand, 26 km from the western fringes of Ahmedabad, to build the first Nano plant. Completed cars, which seat four, would be sold around US$2,500. Tata Motors has pulled out of a planned plant in West Bengal due to protest by farmers and other residents.

August 2008


Mittal buys Dubai firm

ArcelorMittal, the biggest steelmaker in the world, has acquired 60% of privately held Dubai Steel Trading Company for an undisclosed sum. Dubai Steel, formed in 1986, has 50 staff and sells mainly to the construction market.

July 2008


Citigroup CEO Vikram S Pandi is severely embarrassed after the bank he took control of last December had to write down US$202 million on the value of Old Lane, a hedge fund of which Pandit was a co-founder. Citi bought Old Lane for US$800 million, a purchase that brought Pandit into the group. Citi will restructure Old Lane after “substantially all” its outside investors withdrew their money.

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