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Bridging the digital divide


Call it the triumph of capitalism.

For more than half a century, the United Nation and its offspring, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other agencies have poured trillions into the Third World.

Villages jump on the Internet Bus

children at easyseva

Some companies are using innovative ways to help people in rural areas get broadband and wireless access.

Ten things you don't know about Wendi Deng

1. In 2005 Deng complained to her friends that she, Rupert and their two daughters were forced to squat in a US$50,000-a-month Manhattan flat while their house was being renovated. Twenty years ago, the combined income of her family in Guangdong, comprising her father, two sisters, a younger brother, and an uncle, was 350 yuan (now about US$46) a month.

Nina Wang’s will as provided by her family

I, Nina Wang, hereby establish my will as below:

1. “Chinatrust Foundation Pte Ltd” is set up by my husband and myself. It will receive all my assets after my death.

Fighting words

The plaintiff

“I have a lot friends and relatives helping me (in the lawsuit).”

Wang Din-shin, January 1999. He was living on less than HK$10,000($1,289) a month.

“If the other side wants to ask for legal fees, ask Teddy Wang. Take from his estate."

April 2007, a flashback


Made-in-China Jumbo by 2020

China has announced it is on track to produce its own large aircraft by 2020 to ensure a good chunk of its huge spending in aviation stays in the country. China is currently carrying out a five-year plan to buy 500 jets and build 48 airports. By 2025, it will spend hundreds of billions more to buy some 2,230 planes.

April 2006, a flashback


Booming sales in China

Auto sales in China soared by more than 70 per cent in January, putting it on track to overtake Japan as the world’s second biggest automobile market this year. Last year 5.9 million vehicles were sold in China. Growth this year is projected at 15 per cent.

February 2008


The United Arab Emirates property company Rakeen has teamed up with India’s Trimex group to build US$5 billion worth of townships all over India.

The Riady family - Absent friends

On April 19th, 1993, Bill Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno ordered the FBI to storm the compound of the Branch Davidian sect near Waco, Texas. Nearly 80 cult members, among them 21 children, were killed, many burnt to death.

Clinton, Reno and the FBI caught a lot of flak from the incident. James Riady, on the other hand, gained much from it.

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